Our Professional Hygienist provides you with an objective protocol based on the highest of industry standards in testing.


DAX ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, INC. offers a cost-saving approach for both microbial assessments and post remediation clearance testing. This is accomplished by development of a sample plan on site, along with occupant interviews, moisture mapping and a visual inspection and investigation of the structure. This cost saving approach determines the contamination sites and remediation requirements necessary to lower the microbial elements to equal or below the outside levels.


By adhering to the above approach DAX ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, INC is able to perform most microbial assessments within a minimum amount sample range. If more than 6-8 samples are warranted prior authorization/notification is customary.


Microbial Assessments Include:


  • Moisture Mapping at suspected walls

  • Visual Inspection for moisture intrusion or microbial (mold) growth or amplification

  • Inspection and investigation of the structure

  • Methods of sampling: Viable (Petri dish) and Non-Viable (spore trap)

  • Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) measurements are collected to determine efficiency of air handler unit(s)


Consultation Fees

$300 - $450 per assessment

Lab Fees

$90+ per sample

Post Remediation Clearance Testing

$600 - $750