Hearing the dreaded four-letter word, M-O-L-D can be a scary day for many homeowners and buyers. Take comfort knowing it is not the end of the world...or the deal if your contract has been frozen after an initial inspection reveals mold contamination. Well, what is the next step?


The answer: Hire a Professional Industrial Hygienist with absolutely NO vested interest in remediation. You must have a protocol designed to remedy the issue free of excessive action.


Most Microbial Assessment & Decontamination Plans developed by Dax Environmental Services, Inc. are covered by your home owners insurance. Dax Environmental will submit the protocol directly to your insurance company. Payments can be made by check or credit card, and are usually either reimbursed or paid directly by the insurance company.



Mold Remediation


Definition: The process by which contamination from mold is removed.


The process: Use of a contractor with appropriate credentials and experience to properly and completely follow the protocol written by a hygienist.


Be your own advocate. Interview contractors and get a few referrals.


DAX ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, INC. does not refer any mold remediation contractors.