Our mission is to provide a quality survey of indoor air, mold and water damage test sampling, and Chinese Drywall testing with a written protocol and post remediation clearance testing. We will utilize only necessary sampling in order to design an appropriate protocol while establishing a trusting relationship with every client.


Our protocols are designed independent of any influence from remediation contractors. It is vital to the industry that testing is objective and "matter-of-fact". Samples are only taken when required. When our clients come to us, they can trust that our protocol put into action will effectively remove all danger and threat from the contamination regardless of its severity.


Serving the following Florida Regions:


  •      Northeast (Jacksonville)

  •      West (Tampa Bay)

  •      South (Fort Lauderdale)



* All protocols are structured as the minimum action needed to successfully clear the contamination


* No unnecessary samples are ever taken


* Protocols are guaranteed to be designed free from outside influence from remediation contractors

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