Indoor air quality sampling, mold and water damage assessments and qualitative and quantitative testing of Chinese Drywall by a company committed to professionalism, quality and trust.


Our surveys consist of microbial test sampling, which include a written protocol and post remediation clearance testing. These services are performed by insured Registered Industrial Hygienists (RIH) and Board Certified Microbial Consultants (CMC).


As a leader in microbial assessment and post remediation certification clearance testing, DAX ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, INC. has completed projects for most major insurance companies including The Hartford, USAA, Tower Hill, Bankers, State Farm, as well as custom home builders, contractors, and insurance adjusters throughout Florida.



Our Process:

Moisture Mapping at suspected walls


Visual Inspection for moisture intrusion or microbial (mold) growth or amplification


Inspection and investigation of the structure


Methods of sampling: Viable (Petri dish) and Non-Viable (spore trap)


Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) measurements are collected to determine efficiency of air handler unit(s)